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Founded in 1948 in Portugal, EFACEC has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of electric hardware, from transformers and switchgear to electric vehicle charging stations.

In the US, EFACEC has become well known for their 50kW DC Fast Charger, however today they offer much more. Now you can get EFACEC charging equipment ranging from a Level 2 unit all the way up to an ultra high-power 350kW DC Fast Charger.

Be sure to check out the following models available:

  • Level 2 Single port
  • Level 2 Dual port
  • QC20 20kW DC Fast Charger
  • QC24 DC Fast Charger (coming soon)
  • QC45 50kW DC Fast Charger
  • QC45BATT 50kW DC Fast Charger with Storage (coming soon)
  • HV160 160kW DC Fast Charger
  • HV350 320kW DC Fast Charger