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Why A Volt Owner Might Want A 30-Amp Station

Chevy Volt

Unless you are an electrician or an engineer, the difference between volts, amps, and watts probably don’t mean much to you. However, if you are an EV driver, you probably already know the difference between Level 1 and Level 2.

Isn’t all Level 2 charging the same? In fact, the rate of charging speed of Level 2 can vary greatly.

The math is actually quite simple: Volts * Amps = Watts. So, if you have your EV plugged into a 110v outlet at 16-amps (common in the U.S.), then you are getting a charge of 1,760 watts, or...

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How Much To Charge A Driver For Electricity

We often get asked by either multi-family housing operators or workplaces how much they should charge drivers for electricity if they don't use a networked station such as ChargePoint. While there are many variables, there is a formula that is fairly easy to follow and it looks like this:

Obviously the biggest variables are D, the cost of electricity to the host site, and G, the percentage of electricity the driver gets from that particular location. 

And if you want to download a copy of the spreadsheet...

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The Commercial EV Charging Decision Matrix

amenity EV charging retail

We are often asked what type of EV charger a customer should install and when. Most people focus on how long drivers will be at the site, however National Car Charging recommends site hosts look at an additional dimension: How far are drivers coming from to get to your location?

This has become an issue because many of the early installations of charging stations were at less-than-ideal locations. One reason is that drivers just didn't need it. A good example is Walgreens. They have stations at hundreds of stores, but they get little use because they are expensive (not Walgreens'...

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