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The Commercial EV Charging Decision Matrix

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We are often asked what type of EV charger a customer should install and when. Most people focus on how long drivers will be at the site, however National Car Charging recommends site hosts look at an additional dimension: How far are drivers coming from to get to your location?

This has become an issue because many of the early installations of charging stations were at less-than-ideal locations. One reason is that drivers just didn't need it. A good example is Walgreens. They have stations at hundreds of stores, but they get little use because they are expensive (not Walgreens' fault, the stations are owned by a third party), but also because people don't really go out of their way to go to a Walgreens nor do they stay very long typically. 

In order to make this easy, we've developed this matrix:

So before you decide which type of charging station you need, think about how long your users will stay, and how far they are coming from. Then the decision becomes fairly easy!

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